Welcome to another manchild's cave of wonders and empty musings

If you're into video games, music, movies, books, anime, and just about all things geek culture related, as well as loads of self-depracrating humour, then come take a gander. who know, you might just like it.

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BlogScratch Commentaries

Herein lies the genius of madness, those puddle-deep philosophical mumblings of which only nerds are capable.

Aya's Kind of Average Adventure

Welcome to my pretty average adventure. Here I'll blah about stuff. Fandoms, video games, anime, etc. Whatever I feel like writing about.

Folhas de Papel

O ler faz um homem completo, o conferir destro, o escrever exacto.

All the Misfits and the Losers

Livros, cinema e televisão